BFD Friday – TwiCon style!

With all the gorgeous and amazing videos, photos and moments from the Chinese Theatre imprint ceremony yesterday with Robsten back together again, we must not forget we still have LA Twi Convention tomorrow! Woot woot! Our very own @Melmo2632will be there giving us the deets! Check back on our website tomorrow for full coverage!In the meantime, take a look at these fan videos from last year’s LA TwiCon and hope we get more moments like these or better tomorrow evening!

Rob: Don’t you.. Don’t you sleep with a baby in it?
Kristen: Wait, what? I didn’t hear what you said!
Rob: I can’t wait for the day. I’m going to be waiting on set, eagerly.
Taylor: Don’t you, uh, *points at Kristen* sleep with her in it?
Rob: Yeah, I mean.. I really love babies. Anything with a baby..
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