Josh Horowitz Talks to Rob in After Hours

The YT Version was taken down. Here is the clip of the “YES/NO” game with the Breaking Dawn cast! So cute!
Hopefully they’ll post another YT version soon. For all of you that can’t watch it, we typed out the transcript for you!

Josh: Welcome to the “Yes/No” show. Welcome to the only show for yes/no enthusiasts. My guests today – the cast of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. 

Josh: Can I call you Bobby?
Rob: *nods* Yeah

Josh: Is it true Facinelli once kill a dude?
Julia: No!
 Boo Boo: No?

Josh: Taylor diet – nothing but Slim Jims and Fanta?
Elizabeth: No.
Peter: Yes.

Josh: Do any of your friends call you “shark boy”?
Taylor: Yes..unfortunately.
Josh: Can I?
Taylor: *gives charming smile* Yes.

Josh: Did you cry while watching The Notebook?
Rob: *looks like he feels bad* No..
Josh: Did you ever watch Zathura?
Rob: Yes. Cried when I watched that.

Josh: If a crazed gunman came in here right now, would you use me a human shield?
Peter: Definitely.
Elizabeth: Yes.

Josh: Ever had a pedicure?
Taylor: *laughing* No.

Josh: Can you name two Justin Beiber songs?
Jackson: *looks around* No!..

Josh: Are you keeping up with the Kardashians?
Rob: Oww…ye….yes!

Josh: Rob’s accent is fake, right?
Taylor: *laughs* Absolutely, yes.

Josh: Is your accent fake?
Rob: Yeah.

Josh: Does this shirt make me look fat?
Nikki: Wait, I have to only say yes or no..well then no. *laughs*
Josh: Well that’s..okay.

Josh: Can we go bowling?
Rob: No, but not cause I don’t want to, I just don’t like bowling.

Josh: Can I join the wolf pack?
Taylor: *hesitates and laughs* Yes.

Josh: Was that your first time breaking a headboard?
Rob: No *continued adorable laughter*

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