Kristen Interview w/ Blick (Switzerland)

Kristen talks about Breaking Dawn, cooking, and much more in this interview with Blick. Apparently this is an interview with Switzerland’s biggest tabloid, so please take it with a grain of salt.

For a shy being you go really hard in the sex scenes in Breaking Dawn. The word is that some r-rated scenes were cut.
Kristen: It wasn’t that bad. Indeed there was only a small circle of people admitted when Rob and me were filmed in bed. But we didn’t do anything what would be r-rated.

The sex with Rob was simulated. Did you still feel nervous to do “it” in front of the camera?
Honestly, at the beginning I felt really strange. But I don’t belong to those people who need a drink before such scenes. At the end it’s a job you’re doing. And besides, I don’t drink while working.

On the other hand, your fans will be needing a sip to calm down when your Twilight-baby is born. Will you tell us one secret: Does Bella die at birth?
I’m not quite sure. Her heart stops beating, but her soul is still in her.

Religious spectators could feel sensitive about the resurrection in the style of Twilight.
I have no idea what the church says to this.

One can well imagine that the audience is shocked about your physical appearance in the birth scene: “My god, Kristen’s appearance is only skin and bones!” How much weight did you have to lose for this scene?
Not one gram. Even there would have been the time to put me on a diet, I wouldn’t have made it to be all skin and bones as Bella. Besides it would have been too dangerous.

How was this dead body look then realised at all?
A second, bony face was painted on me. When I looked into the mirror I was frightened at myself.

How were you given the to a skeleton reduced body?
That was not my body, which had got Bella’s baby, that was a puppet. I was lying underneath it on a table and had my face and arms stuck through the corresponding holes. That was a torture. I had bruises everywhere.

Yet one doesn’t even dare to ask if the film awoke your thoughts of an own child.
If it doesn’t have to be a vampire baby, I can very well imagine to become a mother.

When we’re already speaking of it: Is Mama Stewart actually a Twilight fan, too?
She likes the films. At least she claims that. But I’m not quite sure. I doubt that Mum would have the nerve to admit to me that she doesn’t like Twilight.

Which mother doesn’t like to see her daughter with a handsome young man walking down the aisle? Have you chosen the Twilight wedding dress by yourself?
On the contrary. When I was sent to the first fitting I was taken by complete surprise: “Why a wedding dress? Oh sure, that’s what you’re wearing at such occasions.” Personally, such things are not very important to me. I’ve never been the girl who’s picturing her wedding dress.

They say that the priest, who marries you in the film, was a real one. Therefore you would be practically married anyway.
A strange thing. Not only was the priest a real one, he also addressed Rob and me with our real names in the scene.

But could you also cook for your husband?
Yes, as long as he likes soup. I’m great in cooking soups. I’ve learnt it from my Dad.

What soup does Robert Pattinson like the most?
Tortilla soup.

You turned 21 on April 9th…
…coincidentally on the last day of shooting Breaking Dawn. Man, that was a party.

Has something changed for you?
No kidding, I actually feel older. It’s become clear to me that many incertitudes I suffered from in the past, disappeared.

Also the incertitude of walking down the red carpet in headspinning high heels?
Not that one. Again and again I’m proud of me when I reached the end without falling flat on my face.

Vampires don’t sleep. But what about you? Do you crawl away into your bed when you feel depressed?
I’m not the type for that. I’d be so frightened of waking up depressed so that this would haunt my sleep.

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