Kristen On Cover of Glamour (France) – Scans & Translation

We loved her in Twilight and we’ll continue to love her after. Despite of her on screen partner (real life too but shhhhh it’s still a ‘secret’) , Kristen Stewart had already a strong influence in the movie business making films like ‘Panic Room’ and ‘Into The Wild’. These movies showed what people knew: this girl rocks! She will have a great career as an actress.

Since Twilight (4 years), Kristen is trying to make people and the media forget about Bella doing independent films . “I feel like I’m boring, all my conversations start with “Twilight”, and I just wanna shout It’s too crazy! I can’t do anything with my life anymore! And then I just say “Shut up Kristen.”

Rob and Kristen became big stars without beeing prepared. We saw them unconfortable during red carpets, interviews and even with their relationship. Rob didn’t seem to care, but Kristen did. “I love Bella, but it’s just very difficult now. I knew the popularity of the books but I didn’t know Bella would be my only world. Making forget people the characters and movies I did before. It’s not easy to make people forget Bella now, but I have the feeling that by the end of the saga, it will stop. And then I will be able to be someone else again.”

She’s smiling, saying evrything was easier for her (parents working in the movie business). “Bella Swan is just like me, so it was easier for me. Rob for example had to change his voice to be Edward. I read Twilight at 17 years old, the age of Bella and I loved the book, so the character was definitely for me. I was Bella, and that’s why I needed to make movies like ‘Welcome To The Rileys’ and ‘The Runaways’, I needed to be out of my confort zone or I would have become a crazy psychopath.”

She was cebrating her 21st bday the ‘Breaking Dawn’ wrapping day. “It was great because I didn’t feel like the Birthday Girl”. She feels better now, more confortable with herself. “ I feel more like a woman now“. She’s currently filming ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’. “I would love to make a movie, be behind the camera. But I love beeing an actress too.”

Translation via Kstewartnews

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