Kristen says ‘Rob has many desirable qualities’

 Kristen Stewart has claimed she believes her Twilight boyfriend Robert Pattinson is perfect marriage material.

K-Stew, whose character Bella Swan gets hitched to R-Pattz’s vampire Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn – Part 1, claims her beau has many qualities which would make him the ideal hubby.

Speaking to, the 21-year old revealed: “Rob has many desirable qualities. He is very intelligent and capable for one thing, has strong will power, an excellent reasoning ability and common sense.”

The actress added: “One of his great qualities is that he has an ability to see his own faults and makes a determined effort to change. He is not stubborn and I guess these are the qualities that any girl would want to see in her partner.”

As well as the many qualities mentioned by Stewart, Rob himself has claimed the sex scene in Breaking Dawn has enhanced his reputation as a red hot lover, telling Hollywood Life: “When you have an entire sequence in a movie saying how great you are in bed, that’s definitely not a bad thing.”

He joked: “It’s not pressure on me – it’s pressure on everybody else!”

The 25-year old hunk also confessed he was interested in K-Stew before they started shooting the hit vampire flicks together, gushing: “I’m a big fan of Kristen and I was before [Twilight].”

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