Kristen Talks About Her Hand Injury on the BD Set with Sunday Telegraph

Here’s what Kristen said when I asked her how she broke her thumb on the set of Breaking Dawn:
“It happened in a stunt sequence. It was really annoying timing. It was right at the beginning of the two week second unit stunt work, and on the second day in this little girl fight, I broke my thumb on this guy’s chest, and it took so long to mend. The first x-ray showed it wasn’t broken but then I had to get an MRI because it was huuuge and so painful. If wardrobe came up and slightly grazed my thumb I would be screaming. Everyone’s going, ‘It’s just a jam, you’ve got to work through it.’ and I’m working through it in Vancouver in the cold. So I get another MRI, and this time it showed it was broken and I was so vindicated. I’m not a wimp!”
Twilight is a phenomenon – nothing new there – but can you imagine living in the middle of a phenomenon?
After interviewing Kristen for the Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday Magazine I now have a teeny tiny inkling of what that life in the Twilight bubble must be like.
Unlike any other film junket, the Twilight: Breaking Dawn event was a security lock-down. I walked from the lift to check-in with a publicist, then escorted to the door of the suite where I’d be interviewing Kristen by another publicist and a burly ‘Secret Service’ agent, who looked straight out of central casting in a grey suit and buzz cut.
We then stood outside the suite for a few minutes like we were at the most uncomfortable cocktail party in the world. I wasn’t allowed inside the room which is odd because generally, if it’s free, you’re allowed to go in first and set-up.
While we waited for Stewart to arrive I tried to make the small talk with the security man, who was wearing an earpiece. I don’t know for sure but he may have been packing – I mean, it felt like he could have been concealing a weapon. I had to take a moment to remember where I was.
And look, I get it. I can only imagine how many, shall we say, over-zealous fans might be lurking so security is necessary, and the publicists were working so hard, and doing a brilliant job to make the junket run smoothly, but it was so intense.
Kristen then appeared at the end of the corridor flanked by a publicist and two more hulking men from the security detail, and one of them remained in the room while I did the interview. Yes, really.
It was intimidating, surreal and knowing me the way I do, utterly unneccessary.
At the centre of this was Kristen; slight, smiling (you wouldn’t believe how many people had said to me afterwards, ‘Did she smile?’) and projecting an intensity that translated into the kind of intelligence that only someone in her position could manifest. She worked with ex child-star Jodie Foster on The Panic Room a few years ago, and I imagine Foster also had that same ‘wise owl’ quality in her early twenties.
To be that famous so young, and revered by millions both young and old, must be something you either think very little about (as a way of surviving), or think about all the time (as a way of rationalising).
My interview time was brief. We talked fast, and it became apparent that Stewart sits at the eye of a storm. A big uncontrollable movie storm, and that her way of hanging on is to focus on her work, which she clearly loves.
She likes to cook, be home at with her family, and is learning to embrace the rehearsal process (she told me that she hates to do things twice).
The early word on Snow White and the Huntsman, with Charlize Theron, is good and On The Road looks fascinating. I think her choices will be considered and interesting.
And as for the craziness around her…well, I’m glad it’s not me. I literally ran from the hotel I found it so claustrophobic. Two Twihards were lingering in the lift. They must have been around 14 and asked me if I’d seen Rob, Kristen or Taylor.
I told them I couldn’t possibly comment before adding, ‘If you do make it as far as her room, do what the big guy standing outside says. He looks like he means business.’

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