L.A. TwiCon Live Stream – Nov. 5th

Our lovely Melissa got the chance to go to TwiCon this year! Here is her exclusive coverage of the event, including pictures & videos of ROBSTEN:

*Note: Due to the video recording restrictions and Melissa wanting to get pics, there is an apparent lack of continuity in video coverage. Please watch the full stream for various questions, etc. that are lacking in some of the videos. Thanks! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “L.A. TwiCon Live Stream – Nov. 5th

  1. I might be wrong but I think that when asked what he will miss the most he said Kristen and Taylor. If he was her boyfriend he wouldn't miss her as they would be somehow together. that's was when after that she started acting kind of hostile towards him.

  2. People are so over reachting. Kristen is not in love with Taylor, they are just good friends. She is allowed to talk about him, and say that she liked there dance. That was the only thing she said about him and it was a joke. And kristen was very nervous, it wasnt her best interview. She has done better ones. When she is nervous she say trange things sometimes. I love there interview with mtv first, then they were comfortable and not nervous. And there was a lot of teasing and laughing between rob and kristen..

  3. Rob was just trying to be sweet and say that he will miss his friendship with everyone on the cast. I thoug it was sweet. He would miss working with theme. And of course kristen didnt get mad about that. He didnt mean anything bad about it, just missed working with theme. And he see her al the time, so he will not miss her.  And kristen wasnt hostile towards him, she was just very very nervous. There was so many people, and she is very shy when there are lot of people around. And the light was very bright.  Last year was more fun, it was more relaxed.

  4. Last year was more fun, it was more relaxed and more fun. And it was just the tree of theme, and they were joking around not talking everything so serious.. Seems more serious this year, and they were more nervous and it was boring questions. Sometimes they do funny interview sometimes they dont, mtv first was great and last year was great. So next time maybe it will be more fun. More fun question and not so much light on theme, and not so mcuh presore.

  5. People just over reacht. We cant analys everything they do. Kristen is very nervous in this kind of situation and its not her favorite thing to do. She gets very nervous and tense in this kind of interviews. It has nothing to do with there relationship, and it doesnt show how they are when they are alone..

  6. Very cute video when you watch the full one.  Of course they're still together – Kristen told him he had to be careful what he said about his audition to her b/c it's near and dear to her – that's not something an ex would say.  They were very cute, though I do feel bad she gets so nervous. 

  7. Wow, it is really interesting to see how people perceived things differently.  I was there and there was absolutely no tension between any of them–Kristen, Rob, or Taylor.  What happened was that few people screamed out insults, one was something about being in the closet (directed at Rob) and the other was don't be rude or a prude to Kristen.   Both looked kind of annoyed when they heard these comments, I'm not sure how they didn't make it through the live feed, maybe the mics didn't pick it up.  Granted, some of the angry tension people could be trolls that have made their way over from Ted or Gossip Cop but coming from someone who was there it was fine. 

  8. Kristen is so cool, I liked every word she said. U uld feel d chemistry. Rob is really funny& relaxed, hanging out with him ll definitely be fun. Taylor is also very energetic, it uld nice to hang around wit dem ll.

  9. I thought (by watching the video) that Kristen was very rude and unkind to Rob. She didn't say anything nasty or out of line to Taylor. If I were Rob, I'd be looking for a more loving and supporting girl friend. He came across as kind and supportive and she appeared to have an 'axe' to grind with Rob. It just isn't cool to have a girlfriend put down her love in from of thousands of people.  Rob – you can do much better.

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