Rob Says He’d Love to Meet Youtube Sensation, Nutty Madam

(Click image to watch video)

Rob admitted he had seen Nutty Madam’s clips, telling Grant: “I’ve seen that one. That’s amazing. I’ve had about 20 people email me that thing. She’s become a celebrity in her own right. She’s funny, I mean she should be in the movies. She’s English too right?”

When Grant explained that the super fan was heading to London to camp out for the premiere, Robert said: “I want to meet her, that’s pretty spectacular.” Screeeeeam Nutty Madam!

Rob revealed that being part of the Twilight phenomenon, and the mass hysteria that surrounds the movies, still hasn’t sunk in.

“It’s completely crazy. I still feel like such an imposter. I feel like I’ve fallen through a rabbit hole and ended up in this completely surreal universe where people scream at you. Cause when you’re shooting the movies, it feels like shooting any other movie. Then you do the premieres where you suddenly realise ok, other premieres don’t have 3000 people camping for a week before hand. It never stops felling surreal for me.”


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