Twilight Tuesdays: Take A Look Back at New Moon!

In light of this extravagant premiere coming up, we’re making this countdown even more fun by taking a look back at all the Twilight Saga movies have given only on the most appropriate days of the week, Twilight Tuesdays. Don’t miss Twilight Tuesdays- tomorrow night New Moon is playing!

Twilight – November 1st
New Moon – November 8th
Eclipse – November 15th
All leading up to the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere on November 18th

Only 11 days left until Breaking Dawn Part 1!!

Movie Stills:

Popular songs from the soundtrack:

Remember Edward’s sexy entrance? *fanning self*

Deleted/Extended Scenes:

‘Mike is left at the cinema’ @ 6:27! Hilarious!

 “Well your friend just spent two weeks trying to find you the perfect dreamcatcher.”

*Don’t forget to catch tomorrow’s showing of New Moon in select theaters for Twilight Tuesdays!*

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