Twilight Tuesdays: Take A Look Back at Twilight!

Let’s take a look at our countdown clock…only 17 days left until Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters in the U.S.! We would have Robert saying this for us but remember last time he tried counting down to the premiere of Twilightfor Seventeen magazine?

Yeah….didn’t go so well.. haha
(P.s. Rob – You’re adorable.)
In light of this extravagant premiere coming up, we’ll be making this countdown even more fun by taking a look back at all the Twilight Saga movies have given only on the most appropriate days of the week, Twilight Tuesdays. Don’t miss Twilight Tuesdays:
Twilight – November 1st
New Moon – November 8th
Eclipse – November 15th
All leading up to the Twilight Saga’s Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere on November 18th

Movie stills:

View more after the break…

Favorite Twilight scenes:
Edward and Bella’s First Kiss

(HQ) Ending of Twilight – Prom Scene

Extended/Deleted Scenes:

@1:38 is the HOT deleted make-out scene on Bella’s bed

More videos and music after the break…

Most popular songs from the Twilight soundtrack:
American Mouth, Flightless Bird – Iron & Wine
Supermassive Black Hole – Muse
Decode – Paramore
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