BFD Friday

This week’s BFD Friday is focused on Kristen and Rob talking about Kristen’s cooking! There’s been a lot of it lately, so I thought I’d try to highlight some of the cute videos. If I’m missing any, let me know!!

Kristen talks about making real Italian dinners and Rob talking about how he loves to eat it!

At 2:30, Rob tries to remember who Kristen’s favorite chef is on the cooking channel. I love how he says he *should* know it (because he’s around her all the time when it’s on probably. hehe) And then he says, “with the butter” and laughs adorably. 😉

“Kristen literally only watches the cooking channel…It’s her only diva-ish behavior.”
“…and you all reap the benefits!”

Skip to :40 to see Rob & Kristen talk about Kristen’s Loquat Crumbles. 😉

Here is a video of Kristen getting cutely embarassed about telling people she can cook. So sweet.

On MTV First, Kristen talks about waiting for her cookbook or Rob’s album (wouldn’t let me embed, but here it is!):
Cookbook or Album?

Here’s a cute article about Kristen talking about her cooking:

Kristen watches cooking channels to relax – “the boys have spread the fact I cook onset like wildfire and now I’m asked about it in every interview.”

Rob talking about Kristen being a nerd for watching the cooking channel:
“It was bizarre!”

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