BFD Friday

Before I introduce the post, I would like to wish my friend and fellow SR blogger, Chelsea, a very happy birthday today!! Love you, doll! <3So, in the spirit of Christmas (2 days away!!), I thought it was appropriate to highlight Rob and Kristen’s ‘Stocking of Truth’ interviews from the New Moon press junket!

You know two people are soulmates when they choose the same question from the stocking. 😉
“Which celebrity would you like to kiss under the mistletoe?”

Kristen’s sarcasm is so subtle and that’s what I love about her. “This is fate. I hope I choose the right one.” Her answer to the question is also very cute. “I wouldn’t want to kiss anybody I didn’t know. I’m a weirdo like that.” And then she mocks the interviewer. lol
And why can’t Rob think of any celebrities to kiss under the mistletoe? Because the one person he wants to kiss under the mistletoe he can’t name. *coughKristencough*
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