DJ For SWATH Wrap Party Talks Kristen

Apparently the DJ from the SWATH Wrap Party has a few awesome things to say about our baby girl! She seemed to be having a good time, “dancing with her hands in the air.” This just makes my heart melt! I’m so glad that she was able to let loose and enjoy herself! 🙂

That night I was called upon to DJ for the wrap party for the film Snow White And The Huntsman – with its Warhol Factory theme, it was right up my street and an absolutely storming do. 

After my first set I bumped into an old friend, Rupert Sanders who directed the film that twists the old Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It stars Kristen ‘Twilight’ Stewart in the title role with Charlize Theron as Queen Ravena. 

He then introduced me to Stewart, who, dressed like a young indie kid, I’d completely failed to recognize in the low lights of the club! 

But I reckon I redeemed myself: l was the last on the decks and, after mixing Mock and Tuff into Todd Terje’s re-edit of the classic “Horse With No Name” by America, I saw Kristen dancing with her hands in the air. Job done says I.

Mock & Toof:

Todd Terje’s Reedit of “Horse With No Name”:

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