Interview w/ Kristen in Radiographia Mag


Although a little shy, we found all the secrets of the beautiful Kristen Stewart, who is a really cool girl.

1. Favorite Male Singer: Van Morrison.

2. Favorite Music: “Madame George,” Van Morrison.

3. Place to Live: We shot most of the ‘Twilight Saga’ in Vancouver. I fell for that city. It’s so beautiful. I experienced a very different climate than I am used to in Los Angeles.

4. Something you should know about you: I’m very obsessed with my cat “Max”.

5. I love: cooking and experimenting with food. I make very good pies.

6. A secret: When I’m nervous I start to sweat a lot.

7. Drawing Disney favorite: “The Jungle Book.” I love to do the voice of “The Jungle Book”

8. My obsession: The food channels, I especially like Paula Deen, that I find very funny.

9. Style of dress: I have different versions of me and a uniform standard, they are my jeans.

10. Friendships: I am a very loyal friend. Once people are part of my clan, they do not leave easily. I made ​​such amazing friends in the ‘Twilight Saga’, which always keep close to my heart.

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