Kristen Stewart’s Playlist Picks!

Have you ever wondered what has inspired Kristen’s performances? Well, if you haven’t read the title of this post yet, its music. I’ve gathered a few of Kristen’s favorite bands together and have created a playlist that I think you guys will like!

In 2009, Kristen was asked by SPIN mag about what her musical influences were during the filming of New Moon. She answered, “Sia … and ‘Shadowplay’ by Joy Division and the both of them together like after each other because one is so sort of soft and beautiful, melodic and the other is just a little bit more hardcore. That’s what I listened to a lot .. Music has a huge .. I think about it quite a bit when I’m working .. yeah.”

“I listen to The Shins and Radiohead and Interpol. And we saw Band of Horses last night, and that was awesome, because they’re, like, my favorite band right now. I love Camera Obscura and Jenny Lewis.” From USA Today

“I’m a bit of an old soul when it comes to my musical tastes. My all-time favourite song is ‘Madame George’ by Van Morrison. That song never gets old to me. There’s something comforting and raw about it.” From Contact Music

“That’s so hard, it’s so defining .. ya know? My favorite? .. it’s hard to say anything is my favorite besides, ya know .. I’ve grown up with the Beatles and .. I’m gonna steal Rob’s–we all listen to like the same music when we were doing the movie, and he’s obsessed with Van Morrison; he lives for that man, and so subsequently, I am now caught up in that as well.” From Empire

“[Dakota Fanning] and I went to go see Band of Horses and Broken Social Scene. She left right before Broken Social Scene played, and they brought out the chick from Metric and oh my God — it felt very SXSW-y. It’s really crazy driving around here. The streets are loaded with really cool-looking people — and really loaded people, too! It was weird that they happened to be playing that night, because it was the first night we were here. And everyone was like, ‘Oh, you need to go see a show,’ and Band of Horses happen to my favorite band right now … I was very excited. I’m planning on seeing Johnny Flynn too, because he is a mutual friend. SXSW is so cool, because it’s actually so chill and not intimidating. Usually, music festivals aren’t this way. As you’re approaching the city, you can hear the music. And from my hotel room, you can hear music, and it hasn’t stopped.”

At Comic-Con, while promoting Breaking Dawn Part 1, Kristen was asked what music she listened to in order for her to prepare for the iconic Wedding scene. She said, “It would be great if it was in the movie because they’re on the New Moon soundtrack. Band of Horses, the song ‘For Annabelle‘ should be in the movie. Period. That was really one of the most moving experiences and [Bill Condon, director] played it really loud; it helped me out. It’s fun to do that.” From Breaking Dawn Part 1 Panel

In preparing for her role as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman, Kristen listened to Adele. When asked about what she uses to prepare for any particular role, she explained, “I listen to things that have to do with the movie I’m shooting. I’m doing Snow White right now and I’m pretty wrapped up in her. I’ve choreographed whole marches with my army behind me to Adele‘s new album. It’s really good for the story. It’s almost oddly too good for it; like it hit the nail right on the head. She’s incredible.” From Contact Music

One thing that we got from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 promo tour was Kristen’s [unhealthy?] obsession with Jenny Lewis. In Glamour UK, when talking about how her fans react to seeing her, Kristen explained, “There are definitely people that kind of lose it and get very emotional. But recently, I met Jenny Lewis, and I had the most ridiculous experience. I was so embarrassing, I couldn’t speak. It was eye-opening, actually.” Additionally, she was asked about her favorite British musician and answered, “Laura Marling. Man, I’m such a huge fucking fan. Rob introduced me to her on Twilight because he thought that [her music] was right for the movie. I love her.” In a BTS video of her Glamour photo shoot, Kristen said, “If Jenny Lewis played everything she has ever done, I would get fired off of any job to go see that. I don’t care what I am doing. To know that I’m not going to be able to hear a few songs that she’s done, just because she won’t do it live again .. I could be wrong .. Jenny, please!” From Glamour UK | Glamour

In Vogue, Kristen said, “she’s the only person I’ve ever met that I can’t function around.” Kristen also revealed in the interview that the Shins and Broken Bells were also on her playlist. In an MTV First: Breaking Dawn interview, the question was asked, “What is your most played song on your iPod?” Rob was the first to respond by answering for Kristen, “Jenny Lewis, right?” Kristen responds, “Well, totally! One of them … but, yeah, yeah, sure … I need to stop this. She’s going to think that I am so weird and obsessed with her.” From Vogue | MTV

And here are my recommendations of music from what I’ve heard or think she’ll like:

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  1. Sweet, i was only thinking the other day – i wonder what music KStew likes, so big thanks for this, i think you are spot on with the other bands too!!

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