Rob & Kristen Rumored to Spend New Year’s Together

Now although this article (and source) is probably that legitimate, I do think that the probability of Rob & Kristen spending Boxing Day together on the Isle of Wight is very likely! 🙂

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Boxing Day 2009
New Year’s 2010

According to Showbiz Spy, Robert and Kristen haven’t seen their families for AGES so they’re both going to go home for Christmas – Rob to London and KStew to LA. 

However, seeing as they might implode if they’re apart too long Kristen will then be flying back over for Boxing Day when her and Rob will head off to one of their favourite places, the Isle of Wight. 

A know-it-all told the site, “Rob and Kristen won’t be together on Christmas Day. They’re sad, but they are committed to their families and want to be with them over the festive period. They’ll be together after Boxing Day, when they’ll travel to the Isle of Wight for a small break.”


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One thought on “Rob & Kristen Rumored to Spend New Year’s Together

  1. FYI: everything from showbiz Spy is a lie!!! they start most of the rumors about kristen breaking up with rob and them gettin married and all the other lies and crap! and Kristen and Rob they was just with Rob's parents a few days ago at the Marcus Foster concert. They might be together again for new years, but i have a feeling Kristen is going home for christmas.

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