StyleStew Saturday

Hey everyone! I hope you all liked last week’s StyleStew Saturday…I’d like to know your thoughts and if I should continue to do them! I am under the impression a lot of us are influenced by Kristen’s taste in clothes, so making them affordable, but also still inspired by what she wears is something I find really fun to do! Let me know if there is a look you’d like to see featured!
This week I chose Kristen’s appearance on Conan O’Brien this year.  She is wearing Camilla and Marc’s “Quarantine” dress with sheer long sleeves and Brian Atwood three-toned purple, gray, and black ankle boots with zippers on the back.  We know Kristen loves Brian Atwood, and I can’t blame her – those heels are to die for!
Even though Kristen wore ankle boots, I found a pair of heels with a similar color scheme from Aldo! Also, the dress I found is from Forever 21…less than 30 bucks! With edgy and cute black and gold accessories (don’t forget about those rings that Kristen wears constantly!), this Kristen-inspired look is sure to turn heads!
Click on the artwork below to get a better look at the items and if you want to buy them or get more information, click on the square pictures below. 🙂
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