StyleStew Saturday

Did you love Kristen’s Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show After Party look? It’s one of my favorites of hers because it was the first time we’d seen her long and dark Snow White hair at an event and it stunned me! I can’t stop looking at her eye makeup and fish tail braid either!

Kristen wore 7 for All Mankind dark denim jeans, a tan tweed jacket from Mulberry‘s new Spring 2012 line, and an oversized white v-neck that is tied at the hip.  Her shoes are also Mulberry Resort black ankle booties (LOVE them!).

While I don’t think many of us can afford Kristen’s simple outfit, I found some things that are inspired by it! The jacket isn’t tweed, but you can find any tan colored jacket or tweed jacket that works.  This one from Forever 21 ($42.80) is actually leather, but it is a cool twist on Kristen’s version.  It’s casual and cool without trying to copy the outfit too much. Of course, any oversized white v-neck will work and so will any pair of dark denim jeans. I threw in a fun giraffe necklace from JCPenney ($50.00) that reminded me of the Mulberry fashion show theme!

I thought Kristen wearing the black ankle boots was very different than the black heels she usually wears and they are so fun for a fashion show! I loved this pair by Decree also from JCPenney ($25.00!) that has buckles to get that KStew feel.

Kristen’s eye makeup has lots of blue and grey tones, so I chose Maybelline‘s Stylish Smokes Charcoal for only $5.99! They have a hint of blue and make it easy to mimic Kristen’s infamous smokey eye.

Now all you need do to is braid your hair and you have yourself a KStew inspired party look!

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