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Hello everyone! This is our new addition to Strictly Robsten! Once a week I will post StyleStew Saturday, a new fashion portion of our blog!

I don’t know about you all, but I have been so influenced by the way Kristen dresses in everyday clothes and what she chooses to wear on the red carpet.  When I go shopping, I unintentionally am inspired by anything that reminds me of something she’s worn.  That is why I created this new fashion section where I will choose one photo of Kristen all dressed up at an event or just in her normal casual clothes and post suggestions of similar outfits from affordable places so you can mimic Kristen’s look!

My favorite outfit from the Breaking Dawn Press Tour was by far her outfit on the Ellen Degeneres Show on November 18.  She is wearing a Barbara Bui Spring 2012 White and Black Skirt with a black Phillip Lim blouse, black tights, and Brian Atwood ‘Marcella’ black velvet pumps.  When I saw Kristen wore tights, that was the most exciting part for me because she NEVER wears tights, not to mention they’re a pretty girly accessory. And of course, her legs always look killer.

 I put together my own version of Kristen’s outfit that hopefully will inspire you on your next shopping trip!  The skirt from River Island is my favorite.  Personally, I don’t think you need any special brand of tanks, tights, or heels.  Kristen’s style is so simple that you can buy something similar and it will have the same effect. Plus, the skirt is such a statement that it doesn’t need anything too detailed. However, if  you would like to find out where to buy these specific items, the links to them are below.  Also, Kristen wears minimal jewelry, but adding a ring or a short necklace sort of puts your own personal touch to it.
This is actually a great holiday party outfit…I’m thinking about making this my New Year’s Eve look!
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