Twilight Breaking Dawn Cast – Funny Moments!

There isn’t much to post today so far, therefore I thought I’d post this video that includes funny moments with Robert and Kristen, and course the other cast mates. It’s very cute and funny!


@0:44 – Rob talks about the extremely long kiss during the Breaking Dawn wedding ceremony – “It would actually be uncomfortable in reality.”

@2:25 Rob says, “If you’re screaming cause your Harry Potter fans, I’m about to put you down.”

@4:25 – Kristen talks about crying babies and Rob’s ability to “shake it to sleep.” haha

@5:30 – Rob jokes about adding something to his name like Robert Downey Jr. and making his name “Robert Pattinsonioni.”

@7:23 – Rob and Kristen make grunting sounds

@7:51 – Rob answers, “If you could have one super power, would it be Taylor Lautner’s sexy stare or Kristen Stewart’s just general ‘being hotness’?”

@10:30 – Kristen laughs and snaps in the air when the interviewer says, “Girlfriend finally gets some sex!”

@11:20 – Rob says, “Taylor’s got a great ass!…He’s teasing me!”


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