BFD Friday

Today, we take a look back at some of Robsten’s adorable on set moments from the Twilight saga! These are some of my favorites and I hope I included some of yours!

Because I’m always late to the party, this footage of Robsten filming Breaking Dawn in Lapa, Brazil completely 100% sold me that Robsten were real. I am one of those people who needs hard-core evidence even though I suspect they are together. Well, folks, I think handholding off-camera is certainly evidence enough!

How cute is this? Rehearsing their scene, Kristen lets her hands linger Rob’s back a little bit longer than a non-romantic couple would. 😉

This is new to me…Rob and Kristen rehearsing another scene from New Moon:

Short but sweet…Rob screws up the scene in New Moon and grabs onto Kristen’s waist:

I love this. Rob and Kristen talk to each other and Chris Weitz in between takes, and Kristen takes care of Rob’s face when she sees something on it – always have each other’s back. 😉

Robsten laughing while filming New Moon:

Breaking Dawn brought us lots and lots of BTS goodies including Rob and Kristen leaning on each other, laughing, lots of little touches, kisses, and adorable moments on set!

Rob tucks Kristen’s hair (wig) behind her ear while filming Eclipse.  Plus, the inevitable chemistry that ignites when two people are meant to be….

Rob and Kristen, *cough* I mean Edward and Bella making out in the ocean in the Virgin Islands filming Breaking Dawn. Getting hot and heavy in between takes:

Other clips that won’t embed, but are totally adorable and must be watched immediately:
Rob and Kristen bonding while walking to lunch during Twilight filming

Rob making Kristen laugh in between takes near the greenhouse during Twilight filming

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