Edward Cullen is #7 on Cineplex’s ‘The 10 Best Vamps in Pop Culture’

7. Edward Cullen – The Twilight Saga

So there are these novels being turned into a film series, not sure if you’ve heard of them…Twilight something or other? Anyhoo, apparently the kids are going coo-coo banana crackers over the romantic lead and after doing some digging, it would appear that he’s no flash in the pan. I kid, of course, you’d have to live in a concrete bubble not to know that for all intents and purposes, Edward Cullen is the perfect man-vamp – he’s tortured, talented, romantic and, oh yeah, gorgeous (though he loses slight points for the whole sparkling thing). While each generation has their own pop culture vampire to tingle their spines and ignite their passions, there’s no doubt that Cullen is that vampire for the new millennium.

Source | Thanks to reader Caroline for the story tip πŸ™‚

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