HQ Scans of Robert in GQ Russia + Translation

This issue includes old interview quotes and pictures.
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Translation (Thanks to Strictly Robsten reader, Christine):

the subtitle on the second page says that favourite vampire returns as a sinful seducer. hide your daughters.
then rob is reffered to sa as ” unassuming guy. ” they say that recently he has decided to withdraw from the image of “mister empty place ” and accidental tourist” in hollywood-the image which he created himself. rob’s quote: ” in many inteerviews I have said that I did not know who I was. That I could not tuck myself into only one acting niche, just because I can’t imagine how this niche should look. finally I realised that I should stop this.” he realised that he should stop traeting his personality with disregard because many people started believing that he is a”a real idiot. ” ” so I am done with self -criticism for a while.”
for an man occupiying the 50th place among most influential people in the world it makes sense to love oneself-at least a little .for this new challenges are needed. so far robert did not bother much to find bold moves out of a vampite maze. you can hardly call bold his parts in a boring drama about 11 september “remember me” an din sentimental melodrama “water for elephants” where he serves as quality acting meat letting oscar winner christoph waltz to show off? well robert himself is not a balsy/pushy guy. he is used to being shamed. there was an episode inhis short acting biography when his theatrical premiere did not happen because the “unattentive beanpole was replaced at the dress rehearsal. willpower, inner drive, will to defeat everything on his road to victory.. all this is not about pattinson. go with the flow- that’s up his street.so the part of “bel ami” is like a doctor’s prescription for patttinson.right here among the perfumed salons of the republic lies the real chance for the actor (who is used to not sparing himself with quotes like “each time i try to play myself and fail” )to find himself. just listen with what full understanding and unexpected love pattinson advertises his character: “bel ami is a story about a former soldier.a person fully deprived of drive.he envies everybody and that;s what attracts me to him.duroy is in many ways like modern teenagers who think that everything should fall from the sky-you just need to stretch out your hands.they want all at once a well-paid job without getting any education. my character is just like that. absolutely talentless. but h is lucky. he meets a fromer co soldier in a brothel, and that guy to impress duroy gives him some money and invites him to his home. finally it turns out that he had invited a devil. duroy seduces his wife and all her friends and drags to his bed everyone who has meney and influence and this way he becomes a millionaire.he is an absolutely ammoral character-the embodiment of evil. the most cheerful character in my cafeer. in general this is a story about assholes who can win a jackpot by being a nobody and doing nothing.we would like to believe that duroy will be the character that will show the acting insides of pattinson. robert would also like to believe in this- otherwise he would not have agreed to sucha risky project. not suicidal of course but still we should not forget that the vampire saga is in its lfinal year and the question arises if pattinsons stardom finishes with breaking dawn 2 coming out in september. everything goes that way so far-the actor’s all non-twilight films did not bring he third money than any of the series of the saga. by deciding to play an adult role in a maximally non-teenager movie the actor put much on stake. this is the reason why the film fully done in the autumn of 2010 comes out in 2012. comes out after lots of re-editing and searching for distributors.the fac that it is a debut film for english director declan donelln did not add to the financial weight of the film. declan donellan is a theatre director more famous in russia than in the US who has staged “boris godunov””the twelfth night” and ” the tempest” for CheKhov festival, “a winter’s tale ” “; romeo and juliet ” in bolshoi theatre(in moscow). a persom maximally distrant from all holliwood conventionality.” we maximally tried to keep to the original plot which means the producers had tosell the film about t a total bastard who finally defeats everybody! and with robert pattinson as a leading actor. you understand that was not an easy task. i can already see girls in the audience trembling with horror and thinkong to thrmselves : “oh he must be good . he must love all these ladies and not humiliate them. it is or nice robert” but i like that we made a movie about an asshole who is ready to stab in the back everybodand who finally reaches the top. films like this are no londger made. and besides duroy still has emotions. he understads that the world in which he lives id based on lies and that’s why he wants to burn it to the ground.trying to savour all the pleasures he turns into what he detests himself: a pompous detestable person. in a way duroy is not only a scoundrel but also an honest cunic too.”this is not to say anything about the fact that in this film pattinson , in his own words, “fucks out every penny out of women. not bad for a performer whose most famous charactermanaged to fuck only in the fourth movie and instantly knocked his beloved up. in “bel ami” pattinson had to deal with a lot more complicated “movie-sex” experience with the likes of christina ricci and Uma thurman. “we filmed sex scenes with Uma on the verge of what was permitted . for her character sex is something like a tool for reaching her goals. but my character is just an animal. i have lots of erotic scenes in this film with lots of women” good god.
one of the sex partners of pattinson -duroy was actress Natalia tena, his old friend. they became friends while working on Harry potter.” in those days he was like a labrador puppy-sweet and puffy.now he a alot moree serios and mature man.there were no problems with our sex scene, we just laughed our heads off. i told him: ” you just bang me well- may be we should show some ass fucking to make it more sinful?”judgin from tabloid covers, such aadventures in the minds of pattinson lovers can end up very badly for pattinson. recently a magazine came out with a headlinhe “pattinson is pregnant”. “I thought: “cool” and the headline was absolutely serious, without a shade of irony. i was really confused and did not know what to think. and you can’t sue them for telling lies, because the court will say: ” its bullshit” but that magazine is fantastic. the funniest thing was in the comment underneath the article: “now i understand why he is always wearing a suit- to hide his baby bump” i never say anything interesting in interviews- but then such a headline. I like least of all to be the hero of high society-i just want to move from one acting job to another and watch the public’s reaction.
well the actor has to hope for the public’s favourableness- the attention of which he is trying to get not only by acting in’ bel ami , but also with his next role in david croenenberg’s new movie ‘Cosnopolis’. croenenberg’s enthusiasm about his new prime sitter is unlimited: “i knew instantly that robert is the one i need. intuition. fot him our film is a jump into an unknown. a scary jump. this is what he himself said. scary- because previously he did not have to carry the film on himself to such an extent . in this film he is in every scene, and for him as an actor it is scary in a good way. this is how it should be. an actor should not rot in the swamp of self-confidence. pattinson is a fantastic actor. this is going to be sensational, believe me. a great actor and everybody will see this in our film. not just ok or good but a great actor.”well we need to wait and see. usually croenenberg’s compliments are worth a lot. and in “Cosmopolis” pattinson had to rub shoulders with respected group of heavyweight actors like paul giamatti, juliette binoche and samantha morton-people who have won oscars and golden globes. (robert himself has only got Mtv awards for best kiss and a nomination for a golden raspberry ) but who knows how it all will end for “milii drug” (beautiful friend-bel ami in russian) pattinson. the main thing is to start at the right time in a right way -just like duroy said.
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