@LoveTheStew Sees Kristen in Paris, AGAIN!

Here’s another lovely fan account from @LoveTheStew! Man, lightning really does strike twice, well for Lauren it does 🙂 Lucky Girl!

@LoveTheStew Just saw kristen agaaaaaaaaaaaaaain

@LoveTheStew She was even prettier than yesterday

@LoveTheStew I have a video 😀

@LoveTheStew There were so many fans and papz but she did stop

@LoveTheStew She had a whitee v neck ! Haha you’ll have pics soon because there were like 10 papz

@LoveTheStew i spoke withj her french BG and she told me ” she’s adorable”

@LoveTheStew And he told me that he asked her ” do you wanna stop for your fans and she said yes ” her BG told us before she cam that we had to be calm

@LoveTheStew She took few pics and signed autograph 🙂

@LoveTheStew I didn’t get anything this time but i don’t care because i was just staring at her :!)

@LoveTheStew Here she is ! Kristen !!! twitpic.com/8doh58

@LoveTheStew Kristen jaymes stewart 😛 !!! twitpic.com/8dohh0

@LoveTheStew Another on of kristen twitpic.com/8doi01

@LoveTheStew Kristen ( doing my best sorry for the sizw and quality :s)) twitpic.com/8dojdx

@LoveTheStew But don’t worry you’ll get really good quality pics soon lol ! 🙂

@LoveTheStew She’s always touching her hair :,)) twitpic.com/8dokmd

@LoveTheStew Sooo ! I did see Kristen again tonight ! I came back to her hotel after school, i wasn’t really hoping but I thought I had to or I’d’regret it later. I arrived arround 5:45pm, there were a lot of fans there … I chatted with my friends , it was really nice, we were like sharing our stories and stuff. Arround 8:50pm we saw her car, and her french papz came to us saying ” she’s okay to meet you guys so stay in ( on ? ) line , be calm” and stuff, everybody was really excited :). So she came off the van and she was all smiling and started to sign autograph 🙂 !! She took few pics and then she had to go because it was going a little bit too crazy I guess ! She was so so so pretty ! I think she was still wearing her VF make-up , and she was smiling , smiling and smiling again and touching her beautiful hair a lot ! She was wearing a white V-neck. She’s the best seriously… I mean we were like 30 , it could have been dangerous for her but she did stop !!!! Then i spoke a really few seconds with her french BG and I asked him ” so how is she ? Is she nice ? ” And he said ” she’s adorable ! ” And then i asked ” did she ask to stop or you did ? ” And he said ” I asked her ” do you wanna meet you fans we could do that , that that blahblahblah” and she said “yes” 😀 ! I took a video, i can’t upload it now, i posted few screencaps on my twitter though 😉 bye !! Lauren x

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