Madeleine Stow Mentions Rob When Discussing ‘Unbound Captives’

In a recent interview Madeliene Stow did with Elpais, whom you might recognize from ABC’s hit show ‘Revenge,’  mentioned an upcoming project called ‘Unbound Captives.’ Robert had mentioned this in a previous interview with MTV in November stating, “It’s an amazing script, but I think I might be too old for it.”

Q:You are the latest example of a long list of great movie actresses who do their best work in years in television.

A: There is something now that it didn’t exist before and is that you can work in both medias, film and television. There is no stigma. Realistically we all know how difficult it is to find work in movies for an actress my age. So I stopped working for a long time. I’m focused on a project that I wrote and pretend to directe, The Unbound Captives, with Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson. Now, my greatest interest is the cinematic narrative, rather than being an actress but I’m having a very good time with Victoria (her character in Revenge).

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