No Confirmed US Bel Ami Release Date or Premiere

Unfortunately, there is some bad news about the much anticipated Bel Ami film, starring Robert Pattinson. Apparently, Sony Pictures has yet to confirm a US release date as well as a US Premiere for the film. This is utterly BAD NEWS 🙁 The demand for Bel Ami is there; why can’t they get their shit together and give the people what we want–DuRob?!

“According to our sources at Sony Pictures Worldwide, there is no firm US release date for the movie, Bel Ami. There is also no US premiere scheduled for the film. 

Sony Pictures Worldwide acquired the rights for US distribution at AFM.”


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5 thoughts on “No Confirmed US Bel Ami Release Date or Premiere

  1. This fucking sucks why are they keeping this movie from the US was so excited to go and see this movie tomorrow but now I'm pissed off I'm so mad I can't go and see this movie when the IMDB said that the release date is TOMORROW wtf if you have a release date set for a movie KEEP IT.

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