StyleStew Saturday

Hey girls! Hope everyone’s weekend is going well!
So this week’s StyleStew is definitely my favorite outfit of Kristen’s for Entertainment Weekly.  This one is from 2009 from the New Moon promos.  I know this one has Taylor in it also, but I thought these photos were adorable and I love K/Tay’s friendship!
The best part about this outfit is it can be for a night out with the girls with a pair of heels or it can be dressed down paired with a plain tee and some boots like how Kristen wears it! I personally love the faux-snakeskin pants, and yes, they are pretty bold, but that’s why I love them – they’re a HUGE statement piece. If you want some attention, this is the perfect outfit for you!
While the Thomas Wylde snakeskin leggings Kristen is wearing are retailed at a whopping $840 (!!!!!!!), the pair I found are actually cotton and are on sale for $19.99 at!
The Elizabeth & James pocket tee appears to be purposely oversized so it can go off the shoulder, so I would suggest buying a cream colored scoop-neck tee one or two sizes bigger than your actual size.  I added the graphic tee ‘Say It Out Loud’ from H&M not only because it reminded me of ‘Twilight’ (DUH!), but because I thought it added a bit more personality to the outfit and it was definitely something that I would wear with those pants.  It’s just another idea if you don’t want to wear a plain tee.
The long and layered necklace by Cara Accessories is very unique and looks great on Kristen. She doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, and it dresses up the tee a bit. I loved the one below from Old Navy and is only $16! Any long, chain necklace would work.  Throw in a couple of gold rings and rope bracelets to complete the jewlery look.
Last, shoes can be difficult to find to wear with such a complex outfit with a lot going on.  A solid color would be best with these already patterned leggings.  Kristen is wearing Frye Veronica ‘Shortie’ boots, but this rugged and casual pair from Steve Madden are only $70!  LOVE these and want them for myself!
Whether you are bold enough to walk around campus with this outfit or not, a canvas backpack completes the look for a day out.
Would you wear this look worn by Kristen and where would you go if you wore it? I’m curious! 
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