StyleStew Saturday

Yay for the weekend!

This week, Kristen’s 2008 appearance at a Hot Topic event in Hollywood to promote ‘Twilight’ is shown and rocks out in all sorts of ways! The edgy vibe, but girly touches are Kristen’s specialty and I wanted to showcase that!

Here she is wearing a bright red Gucci Resort 2009 Striped Jacket with bold navy stripes.  It is one of those jackets that can be worn in a rocker way or a nautical way, but of course, rocker it is for Kristen! But that’s what I love about a jacket like this because you can wear it in so many different ways.  That is why I chose a black striped jacket and a red striped jacket – you can switch out the colors with the t-shirts also! All 4 of these pieces are interchangable!

I love the River Island black and white striped jacket with the ‘Daydream Believer’ tee because the tee has a little bit of that red in it, so it adds a subtle hint of color to make it pop. That way, you’re not all black! A bold colored t-shirt would go great underneath, too!  I saw the t-shirt at Pacsun and Delia’s also, but this one is from

Now, the red striped blazer like this can be found anywhere, I just used this one as an example.  A plain red blazer would be super cute too, with a black an white shirt like the ‘True Colors’ one from Forever 21.  I love love love the tied look because Kristen ALWAYS ties the bottom of her t-shirts and this is just a pre-made way to wear it. Additionally, Kristen is wearing a Specials logo T-shirt, which is a band logo, so actually a band logo t-shirt would make the outfit even more fab.

The Gucci Spring 2008 Cropped Skinny Pants are a simple black capri pair, so it is up to you what you feel most comfortable in! Even a pair of black skinny jeans would work.

Let’s not forget Kristen’s signature high top Converse that she loves, but then surprises us by carrying a Chanel flap handbag! There are so many similar ones that look like this at Aldoshoe/accessory stores!

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