Bella & Edward Make INSTYLE’S ’25 Most Iconic Movie Kisses’

Even the most diehard members of Team Jacob can’t deny the romantic power of Bella and Edward’s first kiss. Kristen Stewart—who’s almost uniformly closemouthed about her off-screen relationship with costar Robert Pattinson—did offer “I get to kiss Edward Cullen,” when asked to name a few of her favorite things about the gig.

Yeahhh she does!

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Bella, Edward Cullen

One thought on “Bella & Edward Make INSTYLE’S ’25 Most Iconic Movie Kisses’

  1. That is f*cking Awesome! OMG! And it gets even better she has one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL men on the planet in love with her and gets to have him come home to her. That has to feel like she hit the lottery!

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