BFD Friday

So, let’s all just ignore how annoying Queen Latifah is in this video and be distracted by Rob and Kristen’s adorableness! There were so many cute side glances and shy smiles this day at the People’s Choice Awards in 2010 and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Rob trying to grab Kristen’s hand!
Fabulous moments:
Kristen getting all shy before standing up to wave to fans at 2:03.
Rob helping Kristen up out of her seat right after that and lightly putting his hand on her back. (DIED the first time I ever saw that. I think I broke my DVR that day.)
Rob tries to say that the private plane was “posh” and Queen Latifah thinks he says “plush”. Then Kristen mouths “posh” like the cutie she is at 2:30. 🙂
I also can’t handle the way Kristen looks over and smiles at Rob at 2:38. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside with her gazing at him like that.
Kristen’s modesty at 2:52. She was the lady in the house!
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