BFD Friday

Funny things come out of Rob’s mouth all the time, but Kristen is a jokester too when she wants to be! Here are some interviews from the New Moon press junket!

It never fails to make me laugh how she says, “You feel like you’re being shot, too. With a gun.” *points*
“And I threw the cookie on the ground and was like, ‘That’s why!'”
“And then I was like, ‘I want that cookie back.'”

Rob answers some questions in the form of Taylor and answers some quick questions!

His laugh in the beginning….
“Birthday suit, obviously.” (2:02)
If cheese was audible what sound would it make? – Eek. No, that’s just a mouse. That’s rubbish. (2:30)
His face after the other sound he makes. lmao

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