BFD Friday

 Let me just say, Rob is the perfect introduction to this video…. BeanieRob, I miss you!

This video clip is from Twilight press tour in Japan in 2008! 

Rob’s not-so-subtle coy lip-licking and sexy grin at Kristen *coughKristen’sbootycough* makes this video. Just sayin’.

“Kristen has beaten me once again” -Rob after Kristen speaks in Japan (1:15)

Kristen is so thoughtful and thinks deeply about how she prepared for her role as Bella around 4:04. Just the way she speaks and words her answer is very impressive. I love how she compares herself to Bella:

“She has a much more steady energy than I do, which makes it much more interesting when she meets Edward and is sort of thrown off.  She’s quite steady and then all of a sudden, she meets him and it’s like, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. And then reading the book, and spending time with this guy… ” *points to Rob* (This sentiment can mirror Robsten’s relationship, yes?)

The way they embrace at 7:49 and the way she looks up at him at 8:10 is love.

Silly Kristen waves like a queen at 8:40. So cute. 🙂

They are all babies here! Can you believe how much has changed since then? They’re much more comfortable with each other, talk more to each other during interviews, and joke around more. It’s so fun to see how they’ve grown, but they’re still the same in the way they think.  I would love to have been the fly on the wall during the build up to their relationship! #sexualtension, holla!

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