‘Edward & Bella’s Wedding Video’ From The DVD

I’m trying my absolute HARDEST to not watch these videos and wait for Friday when the DVD comes out to watch all of this with Melissa! So far, I’ve been a good girl! haha For any one that can’t stand the wait and wants to watch it now (I feel your pain), here it is! The gifs are adorable as well. The way Rob (yes I said Rob and not Edward) tries to give Kristen a big kiss and she keeps it little…you can just feel the love and passion between them. Love it!



Love her laugh here! 


via @netsbor

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One thought on “‘Edward & Bella’s Wedding Video’ From The DVD

  1. I only watched this cause I have NO idea when the breaking dawn DVD will get here. And besides, i'd have to wait till I'd travel to the US…. *sigh*

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