Fan Exclusive! Download a Clip from the DVD/Blu-Ray of BD1

Summit, or should I say Lionsgate?, is really gearing up and promoting the shit crap out of this Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD release. Here is another clip from the DVD/Blu-Ray’s Extras, featuring Bill Condon:

As a reminder, fans can see a special sneak peak of BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 at participating Target stores starting at 11pm tomorrow evening (Click HERE for info)!

In celebration of tomorrow’s release, HERE is a download link for your exclusive DVD/Blu-ray clip, “Bill Condon”! 

Thanks Twilightish for sharing!

UPDATE: Here’s the YouTube version, uploaded by TeamTwilight. B/c the download file is pretty huge, this is a better option for those of you with a slow connection.

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