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Do you compare Bella and Snow White?
Yes, and I found hundreds of their commonalities. they are both kind of matriarch. Women who care for their family first. They are happy when they can bring happiness to their loved ones. I do not see snow white like the cartoon character that’s in everyone’s head. I didn’t read fairy tales when I was a child, its unknown culture to me. Many people tell me they hate to see the film, because it’s a reinterpretation of the myth, but for me everything is new. I didn’t have any preconceptions before reading the script. it was the same for Twilight, I didn’t know any vampire story and so I had no resource to fall back on.

Do you listen to music when you make a film to get you in a certain state of mind?
Absolutely. when I’m in my dressing room, some artists have helped me put myself in the character’s skin. on the set of snow white, I was listening to Adele’s new album, on loop. I imagined taking the head of the armies of the kingdom with her soundtrack.

In the movie Snow White is a warrior. How did you address this aspect of your character?
I do not have the physique of a fighter, but I identified with the state of mind of this young woman who showed great compassion. it was also somewhat difficult to hold together her desire to fight the evil queen with a strong empathy for others. Snow White represents the last hope of his people and she is some sort of connection with other spiritual world. She feels deeply for things and forgets to think of herself to focus on what’s next. When she has to kill, it’s heartbreaking for her and I do not think I’ve ever seen an action movie or where the heroine is tortured by her fights.

Your a teen idol for millions, have you ever wondered about the influence you have on them?
I hate being ask for advice. These young women find something in me of themselves because we are young and of course they see something in common. But I’m not better than them and I have don’t have a particular wisdom to share with them. I hate that I’m being put on a pedestal. Why suddenly my opinion is so important? It makes no sense! I haven’t changed. I’m exactly the same person I was before Twilight and then, nobody asked my opinion.

Do you not consider yourself a role model?
Definitely not. I never wanted to be. And I swear that there are lots of people who do not like being one. I’m not really a role model…

Do you think you have a future in action movies like the way Angelina Jolie?
I like to plan my future, Snow White can be a trilogy. If the movie is successful, we could make the next chapter and I could be in another franchise. But I love to play back to Snow White.

Did you feel comfortable in the action scenes with your short height?
Yes, especially right after I met Chris Hemsworth! We were shooting a scene and I had to pretend to beat him, but I really didn’t fake it and hit him in the face! It was like a movie, I had never beaten anyone and I realized he really seemed strong. Yo! I was very excited to knock out Thor! It is comforting to know that a little girl like me can hit someone as hard as Chris. You’ll see this part in the movie, the director put it in there.

Are you attracted to films that are the opposite of Twilight?
Not at all. I’m not looking away from the Saga. This film came and had time to shoot it after the last of Twilight, that’s all. My tastes are what lead me to some scripts. Just happens that my interests lead me to independent films. Since the begining, it just happen to lead me to my Interests indie movies. As The Beginning, which is what Twilight was. No one imagined this success, I first.


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