@maza75’s Fan Account of Meeting Kristen in Paris This Week

HEY GUYS!! So some of my friens advised me to share it so here is the story of the 3 last craziest day of my life πŸ™‚ AHAH . I really tried to put a lot of details !! In this twitlonger there is Kristen ‘s reaction to me congratulating her for on the road, telling her about the oscar buzz and also her saying “FUCK YOU TO THE PAPZ WITH A HUUGE SMILE”!

So it all began when this last sunday twitter was going crazy after that pictures of Kristen Stewart in Paris appeared!! I could’nt Believe it I immediatly texted Lauren that you all know, the amazing @LovetheStew!! At first I really didnt want to go look for her without any informations because guys it was and still is FREEZING cold in Paris! I I finally met my friends next to the champs elysΓ©e and we decided to go next to the Tuileries a very famous Paris spot! Once we got there randomly which was like 30 min after i left my house LOL we noticed a van in front of an hotel !! Litteraly 2 mins later the VAN parks in front of the hotel and then we recognized her french bodygard!! We were all LIKE FREAKING OUT!! that was insane because we only learned that she was here 4 hours ago and that we randomly found the hotel!! WE were REALY lucky then I heard Lauren say “Oh my god she’s here’!!! And she appeared! Kristen was STUNNING as usual wearing the same outfit as the airport exept that her hair were down ! I swear to god She smiled SOOO big and were soo nice! her HBG immediatly stepped back and let kristen come to us !! Ruth was standing next to us and smiling REALLY big like a proud Mama ahah and Lauren said “HEY kristen” !! She was soo cute and shy! alaways touching her hair and like “HI GUYS” πŸ™‚ one of our friends asked her to sign pictures of Kristen back in 2009 , Kristen was likE ‘ OH MY GOD that was so long ago ” she took a picture with her then she signed Lauren’s canvas, she was surprised and amused by that by the way. While she signed I asked her if she liked Paris and show her behind me coz the view of the Effeil Tower sparkling and the “Grande Roue” and she lean to wacth and said “YEAH, But really I havent been here that much so you know” and then she signed my Vogue magasine and took picture with all of us!! we were so stunned all we managed to say was “its like a dream come true ” Lauren, or “we are so proud of yOU”, “you are our role model” “how long are you staying” which is answered by “like2 days ” and all of her reactions were so cute a lot of ” aww thansk guys” ” really thank you” and she always grabs you shoulders when you take apic with her! well she took a lot of time with us then got into her car watching her cell phone and always smiling πŸ™‚ WE WERE SUPER LUcky!! The valets told us we were the 1st to meet her that day πŸ™‚ We were really because Kristen has been in Ninja mode for the past 2 months and still Us 4 girls managed to See her papzs free πŸ™‚ TOTAL BLISS!! ahah

On the second day they were a lot more People !! around 30 :s Kristen was doing her Vanity Fair photoshoot and was also as you all know with Karl Lagarfeld all day !! I got at the hotel in the end of the afternoon and Kristen ‘s van arrived. Her French bodyguard told us that Kris agreed to meet everyone but that we had to stay calm ( there is a video of it if you guys actually wants to see it πŸ™‚ ) !! that just shows how caring and nice she is to her fans!! She came out still having her Photoshoot makeup ( fucking gorgeous) and immedialty started signing autographs and did a couple a pictures ! she was the surrounded by her fans and never stopped smiling !! Her french bodyguard told us (Lauren) that she was adorable!!

The day after Today they were rumours she would leave in the morning so in our minds we wont see her again ! A friend of mine Sarah went and arrived after that Kristen left, which we now know was for another photoshoot! She thought that she REALLY left for the airport “poeple” confirmed that her luggages , well that was a Fucking lie!! So she knew by some friends that Lana del Rey (which I love) ahah was nearby and about to come out so called me like a good friend and i took a shower and joined her!! but on my way , she called me panicked and told me that she passed in front of the hotel and that Kristen bodyguard was here! they were only 2 when kristen came out of the hotel!!! she was going to lunch and took pictures with them , was extremely nice but they were paparazis!! i finally arrived panicked coz I was sooo sure that Kristen left!! EVERYBODY THOUGHT SO AHAH!! we were only 4 then i felt really lucky at this moment ! this plus sunday was a one in a million moment! 20 mins later Kristen ‘ s Van followed by paparazzis arrived ( I wont lie i was kinda pissed to see papz) and she came out of the car recognized us πŸ™‚ I asked her ” hey Kris would you please sign that for me ” and her ” HEY SURE” she then signed my Entertainment weekly magazine you know the really hot “shoot” AHAH and then ( thre is a picture actually of her similling being and loonking at me telling her that) i told her ” Kristen you’re amazing!! we really proud of you! hey: “AWW THANK YOUU” Me: and really congatulatiosn for on the road ims ure it will be amazing and that’you’ll get an oscar , when i said that she looked sooo cute , i think she was moved by my words, and when i told her about the oscar buzz she was SOOO SUPRISEED YOU GUYS!! her words” really whoa” actually all of this conversation is in video so you will be able to see her shocked face AHAH then tooki picture with on of my friend and signed some more magzines!! she said bye and stepped toward the entranc of the hotel , but then she turned around and SMILE , kinda jumped saying “FUCK YOUUUU” in a really hilarious way !! OMG and she flipped the bird to them THAT WAS EPIC TO SEE THAT!!! ahah we laughed and my friend yelled 3 YOU ROCK KRISTEN” ahah I was sooo happy!! This conclude my last 3 encounter with her in the last 3 days πŸ™‚ got really lucky and now her autographs are hangings next to Rob’ , Ashley greene’s and Taylor Lautner (event Taylor swift LOL) autographs :)!!! The last time i met her was in 2009 right before “the holding hands pics” and i’ve been waintint for 3 years basically , I WONT COMPLAIN AT ALL!! This is it I tried my best not to forget anything :). That’s insane cause 3 years ago I met @lovethestew in front of kristen stewart , and 3 years after we got to share this again , lil miracle :p !!

XOXO, Marisa . πŸ™‚


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