New/Old Pics of a Kristen in Interview Mag – 2006

Kristen in ”Interview” Magazine from 2006
INTERVIEW: Who do you idolize?
KRISTEN STEWART: It’s not just because I worked with her, but, I mean, who else but Jodie Foster? She’s just this all-knowing oracle of a woman who knows the thing to do all the time.
I: Do you have a most prized possession?
KS: Definitely my books. If my house were burning down, I’d be running out with all of my books. And my cat. I would die for him.
I: What’s the last thing you made with your hands?
KS: I made dinner the other night. I made barbecued chicken and scalloped potatoes from scratch. I laid it on the table, and I almost didn’t want anyone to eat it. It looked so good sitting there. [laughs]
I: Do you have any secret talents?
KS: I’m into, like, parlor tricks. I can flip a lighter around and light it with my pinkie. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot in my mouth. I can make a three-leaf clover with my tongue.
I: Finish this sentence: “No matter how old I am, the one thing I will never stop doing is …”
KS: Eating with my fingers in restaurants. I kind of like getting the perfect amount of each thing into one bite. And it’s easier to do that if I pick it up. Vegetables and chicken and –
I: Pasta without sauce?
KS: Oh, I would definitely use the index and thumb.
I: What’s the one thing you wouldn’t trade for all the world?
KS: My hands, because they look like my family’s hands. There’s a bump on my mom’s middle finger from writing. It will always be there. I have calluses on my fingers from playing guitar. There’s something really defining about hands.

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