StyleStew Saturday

We all know Kristen loves her Converse, Raybans, and knotted American Apparel v-necks, but one item she can’t seem to get enough of is her Make Believe ‘Geronimo’ tank! She has worn it on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 2010, to yoga class to prepare for Snow White, and to the London Heathrow Airport this past summer.  She has managed to make a simple tank top work in 3 different ways! ...And she thinks she’s not a fasionista…. 😉 How many of you have already bought the tank top?

This tank top is actually available to buy on their website (link above) and is very affordable ($25!). I bought it from this website and let me just say how COMFORTABLE it is! It’s not too tight, but not too slouchy either. I’ve gotten many compliments on it and it’s because of Kristen!

For a night out: Gray fitted blazer (stripes are optional), Make Believe tank, a pair of black jeans or pants, and sexy black heels (easy peasy!)

For a daytime look: Pair the tank with jeans of any wash, a black or gray hoodie (The one I chose is from Target, which I also have and is so cozy), and some converse or vans! Simple as that!

For a workout at the gym: The tank, of course, and whatever else you’re comfortable in!

I added in some accessories to add more to each look.  The guitar bracelet I thought was appropriate because it reminded me of Kristen’s Joan Jett days, and the RayBans (authentic or not) are sure to complete Kristen’s look, as she wears hers constantly!

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