StyleStew Saturday – Valentine’s Day Edition!

Happy almost Valentine’s Day, everyone! I hope your hearts are excited for the big day! We at Strictly Robsten are wondering just what Rob and Kristen will do together on Tuesday night, but here are some ideas for what YOU could wear to impress someone (or wear just to get in the spirit of the holiday)!

Kristen’s Proenza Schouler gown seemed most appropriate for this Valentine’s Day!  She wore this to the Met Gala honoring Alexander McQueen in New York City in 2011! This was such a bold statement for her, the red, the length, the slit, and the cut of the back! It was a perfect choice because she looks like a piece of artwork here! She’s simply stunning.

(LOVE her eye make-up and how heavy, yet clean the black liner is – and she still is a natural beauty!)

Red seems like the obvious choice to wear on Valentine’s, but you can never, I repeat, NEVER go wrong with it! It’s so sexy, especially with a touch of black.  I chose a few dresses to get a couple of ideas, depending on the occasion.

The dress that is most like Kristen’s is the red and black zig-zagged maxi from  For only $52, the length of this dress will make you look skinnier and taller! With some wedges or heeled gladiator sandals, such as these jeweled ones from, it brings the length of the dress up and off the floor (it’s important to be able to walk in it!).  This dress is also sexy for those of you who live in warmer areas because it is a bit see-through toward the bottom and is lightweight for those humid days!  It’s also casual enough to wear year-round! Whoohoo! I’m all for getting your money’s worth.

If you don’t plan on doing anything special for Valentine’s Day, but want to have some fun with it, try this dress from with the black satan bow.  It’s comfortable and low-key enough to wear around campus, out to dinner with the girls, or downtown for a couple of drinks!  Even sophisticated enough for a date, too, without going over the top.

The other dress from with the black ribbing near the bust is also a great substitute for casual, comfy, but in my opinion, is a bit nicer for an appropriate occasion.  It sort of has an edge to it and less girly vibe, but you can still make it look effortless by adding black jeweled cuffs (like this one from JC Penney) and some black nail polish.

All of the jewlery here can turn your simple dress into a thought-out outfit, including a nice pair of diamond earrings (the hearts are just an added Valentine’s Day reference!)

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2 thoughts on “StyleStew Saturday – Valentine’s Day Edition!

  1. Thanks for your StyleStew Saturdays! I love looking at Kristn's style and seeing how it could be more affordable for the rest of us. PSI would love if you could post makeup tutorials because I've always loved the way Kristen's makeup is done. It's never overpowering but there are subtle changes. I like her smoky eye look the best. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you SO much for your comment! It really means a lot to me! I'm always afraid to do makeup tutorials because they are not my strong suit and I'd get very self conscious if I filmed myself! I don't claim to be an expert, but I'm going to think about it! I do love her smokey eye too, though! I hope these Style Stew's have helped you!

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