BFD Friday

F R I D A Y !
Here are 2 separate magazine interviews of Kristen (Glamour) and Rob (USA Today)!

5 Things We Learned About Kristen:
- She loves her freakin’ cat.
- She does a great Harrison Ford impersonation. “My wife, my family. My wife, my family.”
- She has no problem looking sexy getting up from the floor.
- She fangirls hard, like we do.
- No other actress could have played Bella better than her. She was meant for this role.

5 Things We Learned About Rob:
- He’s a good daddy to his pup.
- His laughter is contagious.
- He probably wouldn’t mind having an elephant as a pet.
-He’s a good friend because he promotes his best friends’ music careers.
- He could get drunk, pass out in the gutter, and we’d still love him.

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