BFD Friday

FOLLOW FRIDAY! – Special Twitter shoutout to those I promised one last week: @NJSilla @ayyobooboo @tri4mut @dollyreader @robstengold @AshleeC2012 @foreverlovingRK @claraclairereeHappy Friday! This week, we take a look back at Rob and Kristen’s appearances on Tonight with Jay Leno with their behind-the-scenes interviews! Kristen has had two, so I included both. She has changed so much since 2010!

In the first one, she was promoting Welcome to the Rileys.  Her hair is red from filming On the Road and coming off of promoting Eclipse over the summer.  Here she talks about how she fought her management to wear her sneakers, but “they won”, she says.
How weird is it to hear at the end that she’s going to start filming Breaking Dawn months after this appearance? And now it’s on DVD! Time flies!

Fastforwarding to November 2011, Kristen is here to promote Breaking Dawn Part 1.  Her hair is a dark, deep brown – almost black – and has hair extensions from filming Snow White and the Huntsman.  It’s a huge departure from the look she has in the video above!  She also appears to be her usual, modest self (sans high heels), but she talks about getting her hands and feet imprinted for Grauman’s Chinese Theater.  Life-changing!

Here, Rob is promoting Water for Elephants in April 2011 after just finishing filming Breaking Dawn Part 1 (hence the 8 month break he refers to). He remains witty as always when he “steals” Alice Cooper’s cane and jokes that he’s going to use it to carry his beef jerky.

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