BFD Friday

It’s the weekend! Let’s celebrate with some fun Rob and Kristen interviews from the Eclipse press tour with our main interview man, Josh Horowitz from MTV!

Here Rob talks about what he imagines the BD birth scene to be like (his fav horror flick), glitter lube (“I did NOT sign that! Where is the paper?”), and MTV Movie Awards kiss (“We gotta do something dumb…and then Kristen didn’t want to do something dumb.”).

Rob is irrisistable in this entire interview, but can we just point out that he is especially swoonworthy between 1:52 and 2:37?

Josh: I felt like the majority of your scenes were either action, or your arguing with Taylor, or your snuggling with Kristen. (Rob makes a “Yup, that pretty much sums it up” face).  Did you have a favorite of those three?
Rob: What about the scene “snuggling with Taylor? Was that cut?” Avoiding the queston, Rob! It’s okay, we all know the answer.

“That’s a bit saucy.”

In these clips (part 1 and part 2 + bonus clip), Kristen talks with Josh about “not giving Rob any instructions”, calls Josh “pretty cool”, and Rob’s plan for the MTV Movie Awards kiss (“He’s still angry we didn’t do his hula-hoop juggling idea”).

About On the Road: “I’m really nervous, genuinely nervous, but not in a bad way. People think nerves are a bad thing, but I love them. They get you ready to do something big. I’m stoked.”
That’s our girl. 🙂

On relating Eclipse to her personal experiences: “You definitely are genuinely inspired if you can relate to something.  I know what it feels like to be unsure, I know what it feels like to be ashamed and having made mistakes, and wanting to be like, ‘Hey! It’s totally okay for me to have made that mistake!'”

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