BFD Friday

The Stages of Robsten’s relationship shown on The Today Show
2008: “Just Friends”, but Crushing

“I’d just seen Into the Wild and that’s the only reason I went to the audition.”
“And he had a little bit of a crush on Kristen? Still do?”
“Oh, yeah, obviously.”“Kristen, you’re the one who said, ‘it’s gotta go to this guy.’ Why?”
“Because he’s not perfect. That whole ideal man thing is something that is so undesirable.”

2009: Avoidance

“You’re dating one of your co-stars. Her name rhymes with Tristan Blewart.”
“Ummmm, Tristan Blewart. There was a Liston Hewart last year.”
Here is Kristen’s interview for New Moon also:

2010 Growing Up/Normalcy

2011: Breakthrough Acceptance
(Here is Rob’s April appearance for Water for Elephants, too!)

2011 was the year they became more open talking about each other. <3“She looked amazing in it.” (talking about the wedding dress)
“Congratulations, so much success. A beautiful girlfriend…”
*smiles and ignores, but is proud of his relationship*

Check out our post of Kristen and Charlize Theron on The Today Show with tons of HQ pics and MQ video from this past week!

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