BFD Friday

The LA Eclipse premiere was definitely a BFD moment when Rob and Kristen showed a more “OBVIOUS” affection for one another than they did for the New Moon promo in 2009.  Letting a bit more of their relationship shine, they became more affectionate and open – and so began the fisting of the jacket and the hands all over the dress.  Here are some interviews, as well as incredibly sweet Robsten moments, from the LA Eclipse premiere in 2010!

Kristen talks about living a normal life, sweet fan encounters, and how she chooses her premiere dresses. “I have one girl who comes to all of these things, and she’s right over there (points), and I just gave her two tickets (to the premiere) and she flipped out. It’s awesome!”  Man, wouldn’t you love to be that fan?! Kristen was so thoughtful and happy to do that for her!

Well, I guess we taught Rob how to scream and freak out just like us…we know how he feels. “I CAN’T BREATHE!” Oh, and, “It’s so obvious!”

Kristen fists Rob’s jacket and Rob brushes his finger on Kristen’s stomach. Enough said. Chemistry + Whispers = OBVIOUS BFD
Kristen’s face lights up when she sees Rob is right next to her. <3
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  1. That fan that she gave those tickets to was my best friend at the time! The tickets Kristen gave her were to sit right behind her parents! We talked to her mom and a family friend!

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