Charlize Theron talks about Kristen and SWATH with Ryan Seacrest

She starts talking about Kristen around 3:36

Actress Charlize Theron called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Friday to chat about being a new mom, her new movie “Snow White and the Huntsman,” and the fierce walk she uses in the Dior commercials.

On Co-Star Kristen Stewart:
“I think she’s incredible and she’s been an actress that I’ve been watching for awhile, and she didn’t disappoint. She’s amazing, absolutely just a joy to work with,” Charlize says.

On Playing The Evil Queen in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’:
“I was watching television one night and ‘The Shining‘ came on and I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s it, she’s Jack Nicholson in The Shining.’ She’s locked in her hotel castle going slowly crazy. Not at all am I going to take credit that that’s the performance I gave, but it was definitely very inspiring for me.”

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