Kristen Attends Balenciaga Fashion Show

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Inside HQs
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More Front Row/Inside

Kristen with Salma Hayek and Charlotte Gainsbourg (above) 
And BalenciagaStew Trends on Twitter:
LQ Pictures:
Leaving her hotel via
Front Row

Kristen with Balenciaga Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere:
Kristen Stewart with Stefano Tonchi (Editor of WMag):
Leaving the fashion show:
Kristen Stewart’s leather slingbacks by @BALENCIAGA at the FW12 #PFW show today. More info later @TheFashionCourt!
@courtjustice: Buy Kristen Stewart’s @BALENCIAGA foliage top from the #PFW show today at @BarneysNY!

@courtjustice Kristen Stewart rocks @BALENCIAGA leather leggings for the #PFW show. More info @TheFashionCourt later! @BarneysNY 

Kristen Stewart kept warm today for #PFW in her @BALENCIAGA Mikado jacket!

VIDEO of Kristen Arriving:
Kristen Leaving Balenciaga FS:
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3 thoughts on “Kristen Attends Balenciaga Fashion Show

  1. Thanks for this…My feed was working fine and then literally crapped out the minute Kristen got there. Barely got to see the show and I missed the close ups so thanks for posting.

  2. Wow, Kristen has come into her own as a woman and a beautiful one at that. Clothes look perfect on her body, those long legs and rounded thighs…she looks just perfect. Rob, you are one lucky man.

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