NEW ‘Bel Ami’ Scenes + BTS Footage

New Italian Trailer:
New Scenes + BTS Footage (Russian dubbed):


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One thought on “NEW ‘Bel Ami’ Scenes + BTS Footage

  1. the film Bel ami is the screen adaptation of guy de maupassant's novel. georges duroy is a young adventurer with no talents at all but with his appearance he can conquer the heart of any woman.and his conscience forgives him his every low act. rob: Idecided to take part in this project after reading the is interesting to try and play a bad guy like duroy.he does bad things but omes out as the winner. and what's even more surprising this does not serve him as a lesson.he is ready to do everything to get money and status in the society.he becomes rich, makes a career and buys a noble title.he is a man with no talent and no conscience.he forgot what real love is, having become the slave of his career. absolutely amoral character." there is a brilliant cast in the film. female characters are just great.Uma thurman played madlen forestier.she helps husbands write articles, also she provides exclusive information which she gets from her lovers. thanks to her georges becomes a popular reporter. Uma: "my character is madlen Forestier.she is a very dynamic and active woman, robert pattinson plays the guy who makes his way to the top society by seduction. my character realises herself through her ability to manipulate with men, these two characters find each other and they kind of love each other and at the same time they don't. they use each other , hurt each others feelings. madeline would like to be professional in her job and she has to be professional wife. In this film Christina ricci turned into clotilde de morel,george's lover, with whom she constantly fight and then makes up again. her daughter gives georges the nick name "bel ami" (handsome friend). and all the ladies start to adress george by this name.Christina ricci: "robert pattinson is an amazing professional and such a nice guy. I am very happy that I had the chance to play clotilde and robert was my partner. i am very impressed by working wih him. he is very self-critical,like myself and he is very funny, he joked and made fun all the time, we had fun.had a really good time." George's another lover virginia walter is played by a wonderful actress kristin Scott thomas. her character helps georges to go up the career ladder. she persuades her husband, a rich newspaper owner to promote duroy, kristin scott thomas :" I wonder how the press will accept the film.its a common knowledge that newspapers, magazines , the internet influence the reader greatly.for example in the UK the press has a huge influence on people. the same happens in our film. a second class paper turns into a leading political mouthpiece used as means of propaganda and political pressure." Altogether there are more than 120 films and series based on guy de maupassant's works. "bel ami" is rightfully considered as one of his best works, and of course it has been filmed multiple times. the director of the film is a famous thetrical director and writer Declan Donellan. for whom it is a directorial debut on big screen. the premiere took place on 17 february in berlin on March 27 the film will be shown at the opening of the festival "spring Euphoria" (весенняя эйфория). and wide release is two days later from march 29.

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