StyleStew Saturday

It seems as if I had perfect timing with this Saturday’s StyleStew!  I chose to do one of Kristen’s Glamour looks last weekend, and then what do ya know? GlamourStew Outtakes GALORE! Yippee! AND Kristen was seen at the Stella McCartney show room in Paris today!

I think everyone just about died when we saw this Stella McCartney one sleeved white laced dress on our girl.  And illusion of the slit up the thigh was what sent us over the edge in fan hysterics.

To see more of Kristen outtakes from this photoshoot, click here.
To read Kristen’s interview & see the full article with pictures from this Glamour issue, click here.
Also, this week’s BFD Friday featured Kristen’s Glamour Video Interview!

Now, it is just typical KStew fashion (literally) for her to contrast an extremely girly look with a touch of something rugged, hence the Ash Ralf Studded Combat Booties. ADORE.  Surpringsly, combat boots are not hard to come by in today’s fashion world! These days, you can find them in practically any shoe store! If combat boots are too much for you, go with any heel or ankle boot with a fun embellishment, like studs.

There are 2 separate dresses I found that reminded me of Kristen’s.  H&M has a fantastic white long sleeved Flared Lace Dress for only $30!  It has a above the knee hemline and has scallop-patterned trim to resemble Kristen’s, so it also has a lot of texture.  Also, American Eagle’s White Scalloped Dress for $60 has similar details, but is a bit more casual with its straps and an open shouldered look (the website says white is sold out, but I’ve seen it in stores, so act quick if you want it!)

If a dress really isn’t your thing, as it is usually the case with Kristen, try finding simple laced tanks and tops with floral patterns or see-through designs.  It will be comfortable and breezy for the warm seasons coming up!  Even a different colored one, such as the black one shown below from Delia’s  (which also offers cream/white), would work well.  The most important thing is that you’re inspired by Kristen!  Add personal details to make the look your own. 🙂

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