StyleStew Saturday

ParisStew has been in full effect this past week, so I thought we’d revisit her last trip to the City of Love!  Plus, we all need a little bit of color in our weekend!

I tried to focus in on Kristen’s casual attire, too, and one of my favorites is what she was seen wearing in Paris on January 30th of this year. The same day she had a photoshoot with Karl Lagerfeld, Kristen stopped at a children’s clothing boutique in Paris, but looked significantly dolled up from hair and makeup.  I don’t know if it’s the way her eye makeup pops against her purple shirt or if it’s just the contrast between her makeup and informal wear that makes me obsessed with these photos, but I just couldn’t help putting something together for this look! It’s nothing much, but that’s the whole point.

Here, Kristen is wearing an ‘LA’ t-shirt by Brandy Melville – and it’s purple! It’s not always that Kristen wears bright or “girly” colors (and to point it out, this shirt also comes in gray), so to see her in purple is exciting and different for her!  It sort of has a washed out color tone to it, so a light purple or pink v-neck would be acceptable to start with.  The one below is Volcom, but Urban Outfitters has fantastic basic v-necks in color tones just like Kristen’s.  You don’t have to get a graphic t-shirt, but since Kristen’s has simple text on it, I chose other tanks and tees that reminded me of hers.  Pacsun, Forever 21, H&M, and numerous surf shops are known for lightweight graphic tanks.  As long as the color and design resembles the ‘LA’ t-shirt, it will look similar!
The most difficult part is out of the way! Now all you need are a gray or light washed pair of skinny jeans with a black or gray hoodie, and a black jacket!  Kristen’s Rails Dillon jacket has a bit of a cargo-military feel, so find something that is tough, but still fits nicely (preferably no longer than the hips).  Kristen and this jacket were even featured on People’s Style Watch “I Really Love My…” this week!
If you want to enhance this very comfy and casual outfit with some more color, lightly apply some pink blush and eyeshadow, and don’t forget the black eyeliner and mascara!  You will come off effortlessly cool and naturally beautiful by playing off the purple tee with your makeup.
Grab your Raybans and slip on your black sneaks – you’re ready for a day out shopping!
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