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Lounging around this Saturday?  Take a page from Kristen’s Elle UK photoshoot! (Scroll to the very bottom to see the Behind-the-Scenes footage!)

In a beaded cashmere cardigan by Clements Ribeiro (top picture), a wool playsuit by Vanessa Bruno, and wool socks by Prada, Kristen makes sweaters and laying on the couch look sexy!

(P.S. I can’t comment enough on how impeccable my timing is on choosing the right outfit before all of the news!  Click here for details on Kristen’s upcoming Elle US and UK shoots this year!)

Because most of us put on mismatched items and scrappy pieces of clothing when we’re feeling lazy, bumming around the house can sometimes make you lose confidence in yourself and the way you look.  This can be avoided by swapping that 5 year old ratty t-shirt and pair of sweatpants (as comfortable as they are) for an over-sized sweatshirt and stockings instead!  Not only will you FEEL sexier (guaranteed!), but you never know who will show up at your door! hehe

Go with me on this – an oversized neutral-colored sweater with either knee high socks, legwarmers, or better yet, actual stockings, will have your man on his knees surrendering.  Besides his shirt, there is nothing more attractive than this lazy look.  It’s comfortable without trying too hard and will boost your confidence to a whole new level!  In case you’re considering it, H&M has cheap stockings here!

Pale pinks, browns, and reds are the key here.  Kristen looks extremely feminine here, so follow her lead!  These items do not have to be anything expensive!  Old Navy has some fantastic simple sweaters, such as the ones below, that can also be worn with jeans for a day out!  Who doesn’t love multi-purpose items?!  Dress it up with a strand of pearls or an old-fashioned cameo necklace (which are coming back around, by the way) and your lounge-around-the-house sweater just became your I’m-going-to-meet-someone-for-lunch sweater!

If your sweater isn’t long enough that you feel you need shorts, a simple pair of Soffe shorts will do, but I say amp it up with silk or lace shorts!  Finally, finish off the effortless look by throwing your hair into a messy bun, and if you feel up to it, apply neutral-toned eyeshadow before one coat of mascara (top and bottom lashes).

Who do you have to impress with this outfit, you ask? No one!This is for your benefit only…unless you want to use it to your advantage on someone special.

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